Unga Klara

The independent theater Unga Klara, founded by Suzanne Osten in 1975, is located in Stockholm. The typeface was developed as an extension of their identity, with twisted characters that symbolize their perspective on the diversity of identities among young people. The typeface has three weights and a special edition with four different versions of the letters, that form the words Unga Klara. I have made all parts of the three typefaces, both design, technology and web specifics and all font technology of the special edition.

Studio Parasto Backman was given the Design S Award 2016 by Svensk Form for the identity concept. (Eng. The motivation. Exigent and pleasurable driven graphic profile in a dialogue with its contemporaries. A never stagnant form, where the individual craftsmanship is a fundamental part of the whole. With a typography that creates the conditions for a spatial and future experience, the form becomes important both in expression and intention.)

Client : Unga Klara / Studio Parasto Backman