Laudon Design is an independent type studio, established in Gothenburg by Carolina Laudon in 2000. It's dedicated to custom type design and lettering art, font development and typography, as well as spreading knowledge about typography and type design through history, technology and expressions.
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A custom typeface can play an important part of a cooperation’s communication and identity. A unique typeface brings a unique voice. Fonts are more than just letters. They can contain symbols and icons that save lots of time and money for big companies to whom proper communication is important.


Many companies want to have unique solutions for their communication, including their typography and semiotics. A lot of them have need of professional help to complete their type design, including icons and symbols. I solve specific development problems, and adapt and implement fonts on different platforms.


There are several situations where it is better to give a more artistic touch to the text than what a typeface can offer. Commissions like monograms, diplomas or book covers, can gain a lot from custom lettering art, both for an artistic image and a meaningful word. All my custom lettering is unique for a specific client’s purpose.


A logotype should be as clear and distinct as a nation’s flag. That’s why designing a sustainable word mark is a challenging task. Redesigning often means adapting or improving for new technology, or extending for a new line of business. No matter the reason, I am trained to know where to start.

Selected Interviews

Hilda Hellström & Carolina Laudon får kulturstipendier
(Eng. »Hilda Hellström and Carolina Laudon recieve cultural awards»)
Publisher  :  ADA Sweden
Date : 2014-11-26

»När jag tecknar typsnitt är jag en del av ett större sammanhang»
(Eng. »When I draw typefaces I become part of a larger context»)
Author : Mette Rosencrantz
Publisher : Cap&Design
Date : 2014-nov/dec

Bokstäver som konst
(Eng. Letters as Art)
Author : Karin Brygger
Publisher : GT Kultur
Date : 2014-12-06

”Trendiga typsnitt och tung sten på konstmuseet”

(Eng. Trendy Typefaces and heavy stone at the Art Museum)
Author : Johanna Hagström
Publisher : Göteborgs-Posten
Date : 2014-12-06öje/trendiga-typsnitt-och-tung-sten-på-konstmuseet-1.265888

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As the rare and eccentric talent she is, she easily expresses herself in many different ways, not least through words. That is the reason why she has made such friends with the Letter and its unique possibilities as an artistic means of expression.


In the case of Laudon, I associate the poetic language experiments where form is as meaningful as the words. There is also an element of autobiographical experimentation and politics in some of her works... she also wants to influence us, as with the piece »Human», both a petition in »the gender debate of the word hen» and shows a typeface without round shapes ... Laudons work comprises both history, future, hope and critical thinking. And humor.


She is, like the first Berling Prize winner (1991 ) Bo Berndal, not just a graphic designer, but also a font creator, a dedicated educator and typographic debater. Fully in Karl-Erik Forsberg's spirit, whose deed as a book and literally artist also consisted of teaching. As the rings on the water, she, our 2012 Berling Prize winner, spread the typographic message on, among others, Forsberg's school and School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg. For many years she was responsible for typography teaching at Konstfack. For many more her blog is a typographical pilot and eye opener. Carolina Laudon is her name.